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Want a crunchy, crisp texture to your meals, try these. Poppadums are spicy, wafer thin, ready to fry / grill, traditional Indian fare, generally served as a side dish.

As a quick snack they go well with chutneys and pickles and can be quickly fried or grilled.

Ferns Poddadums come in four flavours - plain, black pepper, cumin and red chilli.

To deep fry:

Heat cooking oil in a large pan or wok. Slide a poppadum into the hot oil, holding under the oil with a spatula. It will expand in 2 - 3 seconds. Shake off excess oil and drain on kitchen paper. The poppadums will become crisp as they cool.

To Microwave:

Place 2 poppadums on kitchen paper. Microwave on high for 45 seconds or until expanded. The poppadums may need turning to ensure even cooking.

Note: Cooking time based on 650 watt microwave oven.

Black Pepper Plain Cumin Red Chilli

Spices and Seeds

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Add spice and flavour to every meal - a must in every kitchen. Available in the following range:

Mango Pulp

Available in 850g Tin

Alphonso Mango Pulp