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Preserving the taste of India

Over 70 years ago an enterprising Mrs.
N. Fernandes started making curry pastes and pickles in the sleepy town of Pune, high up in the Western Ghats, 100 miles East of Old Bombay, India.

Her authentic produce quickly found favour with the British soldiers garrisoned locally, who wanted delicious, authentic curries without having to grind their own spices or

preserve their own pickles. She successfully pioneered the concept of wet condiment curry pastes in an exciting range of different recipes and flavours and forever captured the imagination of the DIY Cook.

Though much has changed with the passage of time, Mrs. N. Fernandes' pastes and pickles are still made by her family in Pune, yet with nothing more added than the best local spices and produce.

A unique and authentic representation of the flavours of India

The old world building where it all started 70 years ago, is today the hub of a world-wide operation.
Fom here, Ferns' sends its products to kitchens that relish and cater to authentic Indian cooking.

Ferns' uses improved, sophisticated and efficient processes for the manufacture of their products. The unique processing method employed gives its products their special flavour and ensures a high standard of safety and hygiene.

We continue listening to what the world wants and that has enables us to adapt to changing requirements and needs, reflected in the wide acceptance in world markets that has established the Ferns' range as a unique and authentic representation of the flavours of India.